Business always comes down to making results. Using the keys below will increase the probability of reaching greater results in a shorter period of time. It also the best way to increase profitability since it is a structured way of making consdierable change that is effective. The logical, structural part of a company’s business starts in the left part of the brain. With vision, process, structure and logic human beings can dream about goals, visualize them and create ways (strategies) to reach them. This logical process is characterized by the fact that there are certain steps that need to be clarified for the organization to understand, act and engage, which in itself requires an emotional process. The clearer goals and strategies, the greater the commitment, the greater the commitment, the better the results. In this part of the Leverage model, we help you structure the plan, stay focused, build the portfolio and create growth.


The first and most important step is PLAN. Here we look at the most important issues for a company:

  • VISION – Where are we going (a picture of the future the way we want it to look)
  • POSITION – How are we unique (the differentiating idea we make money from, our promise )
  • STRATEGIES – What Paths will embark on (The Different Paths We Choose to Achieve Our Goals and Our Vision)
  • ACTION – What we do now (What Happens In The Next Month, Quarter, And Year)

We build this plan into a strategic temple, a one-pager that collects everything. By doing this exercise, the whole strategy is made clear in a simple way and is easy to work with.


The second key is about Pareto, or the so called 80/20 rule.

Named after the Italian sociologist and economist who unvealed that a small part accounts for a greater effect. By finding that the northern part of Italy (20% of the area) accounted for a major part of the result (80% of GDP), Pareto was able to find similar patterns in other places and in other areas. Within a company, this is used to highlight which products, deals, business areas, activities or people stand for greater impact vs their efforts. By acting according to PARETO, the effect of your efforts increases and time can be used smarter, more power with less effort. We also go even deeper and see how the focus of the company as a whole is used to increase the effect of the effort.


Are your products optimised with efficiency? Are you keeping up with the innovations?

The products, services and portfolio of what you offer should be optimized, and that is rarely the case. We look at price, packaging, location, innovation and everything that has to do with products and range. Too often this is not optimized with inefficiency as an effect.


Everything evolves all the time, the question is are you doing that too?

Stagnation is the opposite of development and success. Everything evolves all the time, the question is are you doing that too? We look for optimization keys, channel development, growth and category development. Through smart keys, we look from new perspectives and find development opportunities for the business.

Håkan Wifvesson
CEO, Swerock
"Niklas and Björn are very professional! Through a passionate commitment and colorful descriptions, they get individuals and organizations to commit to the development of their business. With his knowledge and experience from various company managements, it will be very solid and thought-provoking. They are branding professionals with a flair for finding positive 'energy in the room'."
Camilla Everberg
Marketing Director /Vice President Marketing, Swedish Match, Scandinavia Division
"When I was Nordic Marketing & Innovation Manager at Gothenburg's Kex, I hired Leverage as a coach as I needed support in the work of anchoring and executing a new innovation process and strategy. Our most recent, but probably not last, collaboration took place at Swedish Match when we in the Management Group for the Scandinavia Division needed a facilitator and advisor in our work to clarify our strategy. Leverage is good at doing the underlying analysis and gets and conveys insight into and about the business in a very good way. Their ability to simplify and clarify and ask the right questions means that the solution often feels obvious and that the result of the work is very good, not least as the employees at Leverage are also aware of and accommodate the need for anchoring and communication of the result to be done in the right way internally ."
Sten Wallin
Sales & Marketing Manager, ESAB Norden
"I use Niklas at Leverage as a personal coach in my work as regional manager in the Nordics, the company has a turnover of approx. €100 million and has 90 employees. Niklas has a deep understanding of sales operations, brand issues and organizational issues. I especially value the knowledge he has in personal development, where his experience in behavioral science clearly comes to the fore. This gives me the strength to make tough decisions that suddenly feel right and completely obvious. I use Niklas as a sounding board where I get feedback on my ideas on how I want to improve and change my business. Niklas also has a positive attitude, which makes our meetings both fun and rewarding - I always look forward to the recurring meetings we have together." as a person is very positive and inspiring, so working together with him is motivating and rewarding."
Per Wester
VD, Mundipharma
"As a result of seeing that our organization needed to deal with some clear areas of improvement, which had affected the work within the Management Group, we turned to Leverage. Leverage was able to quickly identify the underlying reasons for our development opportunities. In a very exciting and concrete way, we gained insights and tools to start work on streamlining the work in the Management Group. Among other things we realized the need to clarify our long-term goals. We realized the need for the members of the Management Group to see the whole rather than their own areas of responsibility. Simple tips were mixed with greater insights into how we work together more effectively. Niklas shares his experiences in a clear and at the same time humorous way. We have started a more clear journey towards the future, which looks very challenging and exciting. I can warmly recommend others who are in similar situations to get great help along the way with Leverage.”
Hampus Simonsson
VD, Tylöprint AB
”Niklas är otroligt skicklig och inspirerar och imponerar stort.” Paulo Kiefe, CEO, Creative Tools "It exceeded my expectations and gave me new perspectives on how we should run the company. I got the impression that Björn Jutendahl is a very experienced person in the industry. He was matter-of-fact and to the point, which gave me strong confidence in his analysis of our company! Best rating!!!”

Frequently Asked Questions?

We help you assess where you are today through our proprietory Brainmodel to understand the 12 levers of success. We then assist you and your team with tools and training to get started right away.

Often we see results wiithin weeks, big and small. By first understanding where you are, where you want to go, hinders and resources we give the tools for immediate action. Based on working with 200+ companies and millions of users around the globe we know a thing or two about what drives human behavior and success.

Like with any relationship it all comes down to two parties that want to work towards a cocmmon goal, we know how, but we both need to want to move. If for any reason you want to end the relationship that is no problem. It seldom happens, but then we will both have learned a thing or two.

After an initial analysis together we will agree on an investment that suits both needs. We will always offer a program, not a single item workshop. From experience we know that a relationship with one date or a one-time trip to the gym doesn’t do the trick. It is a process, but at that a focused process with clear onbectives. Usually it goes much faster and has better results than what people initially think.