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About Leverage

We at leverage are strategy consultants and management consultants with the goal of creating more effect with less effort. In short, to help you do good business that creates growth. We have spent over 15 years studying patterns of success in areas such as strategy, communication, sales, innovation, brands, behavior and leadership. We have the model and tools that create more effect with less effort.


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Who are we?

To unleash the full potential of individuals and companies.

More with less.

We believe in collaborations and the power they bring, creates a large leverage. Below you see some examples of partners we work with. Contact us, and we’ll pass on the details or contact our partners directly.

Our expertise

Strategy, growth & business development
Branding & communication
Personal development & leadership
Organizational Development

The team

Niklas Forser
Niklas ForserFounder, Strategy & Leadership
With 30 years of experience in Strategy, Leadership and Business Development as well as consulting work in 200+ companies, Niklas knows how to create results. As marketing director at Carlsberg and Falcon and as Nordic marketing manager at Nestlé, he has driven some of Sweden’s largest brand companies towards goals with good results. Niklas has a Master of Business Administration and has solid studies in Human Needs Psychology, is a certified NLP Business Master Practitioner. Niklas is also a co-founder of the global app for personal development – Remente, as well as a skilled and highly appreciated lecturer and author of the book “The Leverage Effect – 10 Steps to a Richer Life”, a book in personal development. Niklas is a licensee for TedXGöteborg.
+46 706 372 257
Ola Gejervall
Ola GejervallSenior Advisor, Portfolio & Brand strategy
Ola has since 1999, when he left Essity (formerly SCA Hygiene Products) as Business Area Director with global business responsibility for a business area, worked as a partner and strategy consultant at The Core Company and Brand Gardener. There, he has focused on business and portfolio strategy, brand development and innovation for businesses and clients in a large number of different industries such as Arla Foods, Lindex, Sandvik, Paulig, Stena, Region Skåne, Universeum and Volvo. Ola’s various professional experiences have led to a business and holistic perspective, that strategy should create results by guiding the organization in the daily work. One of Ola’s favorite expressions is therefore “the best strategy is the one that can be executed”.
Kristina Hård
Kristina HårdMarket Strategist
Kristina Hård has worked with marketing strategies for strong brands in many industries, both B2B and B2C. She uses her experience to create business opportunities that deliver results. As a Marketing Director for companies like Kungsörnen, Doggy and Marketing Manager at SCA, Schulstad she knows how to take insights into realizable business. Kristina has also worked in Advertising as a Strategic Project Leader and Co founded an online design company in Lasercut solutions

+46 722 284 903

Fredrika Rylén
Fredrika RylénDigital strategy, Content & Research
Fredrika has worked with leading brands nationally and internationally. She has a Master of Business Administration in Sweden and Australia, specialized in marketing strategy, communication, consumer behavior & sociology. For the past 20 years, Fredrika has been responsible for the digital marketing presence including SoMe & content marketing for a number of brands in a broad range of industries. Read more at Gluey.
+46 709 994 366

Some customers we have worked with over the years