In the right part of the brain (which simplified can be called the creative, intuitive part) ideas are created. This is where we get insights, handle color, shape, music and see the entirety and perspective. By working with the intrinsic parts of our creative part of the rain, we release the power to create business ideas, look at the whole and turn around problems that we then can structurally work with. It’s also here that we’re working on the packaging of your offer, external communication and the impact that’s the basis of all sales.


To be able to build a successful business it’s about seeing potentials, packaging an offer and selling it. In this section we look at what potentials exist and how we best implement them. We go through the market (existing and non-existent ones) and aren’t satisifid with just looking at what’s available, but also what’s not available.
We look at competitors, see if these are really competitors or enhancers of our business. We study consumers and customers and try to understand in depth who they are and their needs.


You might have the world’s greatest idea, but if nobody understands it, if it’s not communicated, it doesn’t exist – it’s nothing. We look for ”the irresistable offer” and the value we add that makes somebody want to pay for this amazing idea. Sometimes the idea has faded and needs to be polished, sometimes it doesn’t exist and must be created, sometimes it’s just badly communicated. For whatever reason we find what makes you unique and why someone should care.


Al Ries, the old management guru once said: ”PR is the needle that penetrates the brain”. PR or public relations is our collective name for everything that entails public communication and is based on how we communicate effectively in the client’s tone of voice and language. The more we understand what they are driven by, the easier it is to communicate. We look at the relevance of communication today, if it’s original (unique to you) and if it interferes with the media noise (Impact). We can look at suggestions on how communication should be designed and be a strategic support in the development of, and project management for your communication.


Unfortunately, way too many people tend to sell, when the most important thing is to get the customer to buy  – it’s a completely different process. To sell, solely using my own sales person perspective doesn’t take into account the world in which the customer is currently in. To influence is much more about understanding the customer’s drivers, problems, concerns, opportunities and interests. Through a proven model, we can train you in a new and stimulating way of thinking and acting that creates more business – but less effort in getting there.


Plan, Pareto, Product & Progress

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People, Psychology, Physiology & Performance

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Potential, Proposition, PR & Persuasion

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Most companies in the world today are structured to work towards goals. Neuroscience however, shows that there are more effective ways to create results.

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Being a leader requires a variety of skills in business, behavior and brand. We have a unique competence in how you as a leader can utilize and free the potential of yourself and those you lead.

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Our lives are usually driven by habits. Good habits, good results, bad habits … Through our courses we inspire, teach and train you and your team to create good habits that allow you to do more with less effort.

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Stuck? Sometimes we need inspiration, get new perspectives, find new ideas or just get a mental break.

We believe in the power in new perspectives to create change for the better.

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