Distinct Strategy + Right Behaviour = Business

The biggest challenge for most companies is to have a clear strategy that is implemented. Our research shows that 80% of a business depends on the organization’s understanding of the strategy, which in turn also affects the employee’s commitment, well-being and results. We help you with our proven method at the strategic, tactical and operational level.

The solution to getting the organization to perform better and create extraordinary results, always moving in the direction of set goals, is to combine the logical business and psychological behavioral perspectives.

To use tools and working methods that enable the decomposition of goals simultaneously with the aggregation of results and “best practice”.

Tools that are most often used individually are now combined in a holistic business-behavior platform that improves the conditions for individuals, teams and organizations to perform better and feel better. And we know it works.

What levers and barriers do you have for a more powerful implementation of your strategy?

How can you unleash more of the potential of the individual and the company?

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How does this work?

  • We start by finding out where you are today, your present situation, by going through our GAP-analysis based on the 12 keys to success in the Leverage Model.
  • Then we facilitate and coach you in the work with your vision and help you clarify the goals and sub-goals that are required and the ways, the strategy, to reach them. Because if you don’t know where you’re going,t doesn’t matter what paths you take. By plotting it all in our effective model – the “Strategy Temple” – all this vital information is gathered in one sheet.
  • In just one day, you go from what often feels like ambiguity, fragmentation and unclear focus to clarity, structure and a distinct direction.

What happens after the strategy workshop?

  • After the workshop you’ll continue your daily work according to your new strategy and goals.
  • If you wish, we are available to coach you and help you actively pursuit the identified shortcuts to reach your goals quickly and efficiently.
    • We do this by deep diving and effectively processing your company’s identified weak areas that we detected during the strategy workshop. These are based on the 12 keys to success.
  • These 12 keys are based on success research on what creates efficiency in business, behavior and communication (business, behaviour & brand) and can be found in the Leverage Model, which we have created, tested and refined for 15 years in +200 companies


Your strategy and how you set goals and develop your business


Plan, Pareto, Product & Progress

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How you lead and motivate the behavior in the organization and its' individuals.


People, Psychology, Physiology & Performance

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How well you package what you sell and manage to influence the buying process.


Potential, Proposition, PR & Persuasion

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