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Distinct brands are winners

Use emotions and archetypes to build strong and winning brands

As humans, we want to understand what brands stand for, in order to create a relationship with them. So the basis for a brand’s attractiveness is created from the understanding of the customer’s different needs, from the rational and social to the underlying emotional needs that influence our choices.

Feelings, to a large extent, guide our decision-making. We make most decisions unconsciously and intuitively (with system 1), which we then consciously motivate (with system 2).

As strong brands are built through clarity and consistency, it is important to ensure that all of the brand’s “touch points” and activities express the emotions of the chosen positioning.

A personality that creates imprint

Archetypes and brand personality are excellent tools to do this from the outside. Brand personality is the traits that the target audience should associate with your brand, and is a way of conveying desirable emotional associations. To add a dimension to a brand that the product / service alone cannot convey. A strong brand personality can therefore often be the decisive and distinctive factor in creating preference and loyalty for your brand.

One way of identifying and defining a brand’s personality that is also scientifically substantiated, is archetypes based on Swiss psychologist Carl Jung’s archetypes from the first part of the 20th century.

Archetypes – the scientific, smart and effective shortcut

Archetypes can be described as characters or types that all people, regardless of their origin and culture, have the same associations to. An inherited way of thinking and feeling. All of our fairy tales, myths and legends from all corners of the world contain the same archetypes. The archetypes are thus a shortcut to our association pattern and simplify the storytelling.

This spontaneous and unconscious association pattern can be used to convey a brand’s personality. The history each archetype represents, e.g. “Hero”, “Rebel”, “Friend” or “Ruler”, can thus be borrowed to form the basis of the personality and history you want to associate with your brand.

We know how

We have the toolbox to support you in the choice of archetype and brand personality and how to inspire and guide its impact on future development of products / services, communication / design, environments and attitudes / relationships for all of you who work with and should live the brand in daily work.

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