15 years success research within management, business development, behavioural science and neuro science has led to a model that has been used successfully to develop +200 companies.


Your strategy and how you set goals and develop the business.


Plan, Pareto, Product & Progress

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How you lead and motivate the behavior in the organization and its' individuals.


People, Psychology, Physiology & Performance

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How well you package what you sell and manage to influence the buying process.


Potential, Proposition, PR & Persuasion

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15 years and +200 customers

Over the years we’ve had the privilege of working as management consultants in a large number of companies and organizations. With our expertise in this area, we’ve helped them unleash their potential and achieve more with less, by focusing on the right things, having the right resources in the right place and working smarter.

A clear vision, strategy and goals that really engage!

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Most companies in the world today are structured to work towards goals. However, neuroscience shows that there are more effective ways to create results.

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Business Development


We develop your business through 12 keys to success that we have identified through 15 years of research. Do you also want to know the shortcut to success?

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Is your brand a “rebel”, “ruler”, “lover” or “friend”? Use emotions and archetypes to build strong and clear, winning brands.

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Leadership Development


Being a leader requires a wealth of skills in business, behavior and brand. We have a unique competence in how you as a leader can harness and unleash the potential of yourself and those you lead.

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Organization Development


Unleash the full potential of the individual and the company. Create the conditions to perform better and feel better with increased productivity, optimism and motivation.

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Remente – Life & Performance Management System

1,5 million users worldwide, and the most searched app within personal development.

Get the most out of life

Small steps and actions everyday, creates behaviours and habits that changes your life.

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Remente helps you understand what you should focus on in life.  We help you set goals, learn how to feel better, become more productive, and stay motivated in the process.