Nail your strategy in ONE day – and reach real results faster. 

Many strategy processes tend to be lengthy. Most people seem to believe this is the best way to create clarity, direction, and dedication. Unfortunately, it’s the other way around. In a survey from Frost & Sullivan from 2012 it turns out that the biggest challenge among companies globally is to create a clear and implementable plan. And it doesn’t have to be hard at all!

The Leverage Model is the answer 

Through our proven model – the leverage model – developed over 10+ years of success research, we’ve developed a process that solves and helps you nail your strategy in just one day.
You probably already have a mission, vision, goals and strategies. We know that. Often, however, these need to be sharpened to be able to be communicated and become clear actions that leads to result.

The Leverage model is based on the 3 ingredients that creates results in the most efficent manner:

It doesn’t matter if you’re a billion dollar company or a small company with just a few employees, the mechanisms and method is the same because it has its’ foundation in recent behavioral and neuroscience.

A strategy is the way to reach the goal. An unclear, fuzzy strategy, gives worse results – that’s all there is to it. In our efficient process, we facilitate you to identify obstacles, find your resources and strengths to clarify the strategy and increase its impact. Actually, it’s quite simple, but because it requires our structured process and that you have us there to help you to see the essence in everything. We facilitate, simplify and clarify and guide you to cross the finish line. All in one day.

How can we so be sure that it works?

For the simple reason that we’ve implemented this systematic process based on our structured model in over 100 companies in varying sizes, industries and with different competencies and starting points, and achieved brilliant results every time. When asked about the workshop participants have stated:
”We have achieved more in a day more than we managed to accomplish in the last five years.”
”What a relief, everything was so easy! Finally, we have a strategy, clear goals and actions that we can start using immediately.

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How does it work?

  • It starts with establishihng where you are today, your current situation. We help you with that by reviewing our GAP-analysis based on the leverage model’s 12 success keys.

  • We facilitate and coach you to move forward working with your vision and help you clarify the goals and sub-goals required and the ways – the strategy – to reach them. Because if you don’t know where you’re going, it doesn’t matter which roads you take. We put all this in our effective model, ”The Strategy Temple”, which brings together all this vital information on a single sheet.

  • In one day, you go from what often feels like ambiguity, fragmentation and split vision to clarity, structure and a clear direction.

What happens after the workshop?

  • After the workshop, you continue to work on your own in your company according to your new strategy and goals.

  • If you want to, we’re of course ready to be there to coach you and help you to actively follow your specific shortcuts to reach the goals quickly and efficiently. We do this by digging deep into and efficiently processing your company’s identified weaknesses based on the 12 key to success we found during our strategy day. These 12 keys are based on success research on what creates efficiency in business, behavior and brand (The leverage model: Business, Behavior and Brand) and can be found in our leverage model that we’ve developed, tested and refined for more than 10 years in +100 companies.

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  • Business: How you set goals and develop the business.

  • Brand: How you present what you sell and influence the buying process.

  • Behaviour: How to lead and motivate the organization and individual behavior.

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