Our lives are usually driven by habits. Good habits, good results, bad habits … In leverageAcademy we offer insight, inspiration and training in the successful practices in sales, leadership and communication.

Based on the latest behavioral science and neurological research, we have methods that create effects faster. The 1.3 kilo lump you have between your ears has a great ability if it gets the opportunity to build the right habits. By building these habits we enable you using your amazing abilities in a simpler and more efficient manner. The exercises we offer are interactive and provide insights on how you work and how you can understand other people to create impact and results.

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– The app that changes your life

Remente is a life management system, a digital coach that is constantly available and with you 24/7. It helps you to systematically work and change your habits to improve your life in the areas of life you prioritize to develop.

Remente helps you assess your current state and set goals to change your habits in order to reach your desired state. It motivates and encourages you and pushes you to complete your progress. You’ll have access to tools, courses, and goal completion follow-up and statistics that’ll help you find the motivation to get a better life – one step at a time.

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The future puts high demands on you as a leader. Leadership is about setting goals and reaching them. We focus on how you and the members in e.g. your team or your management team can develop your personal leadership and be better at leading yourself and thus others. We develop and set your vision and strategy and train you in achieving both the company goals and the individual goals, leadership psychology, effective communication and leadership roles. We mix theory and practical exercises and you receive ongoing coaching from our course leaders and other participants who challenge you to push your development even further. You’ll also be boosted in your digital thinking and provided with tools for creating your digital strategy.

Thanks to the fact that we are moving around in and staying adjacent to an inspiring and magnificent nature, mixed with physical exercise, you’ll experience how you expand your visionary thinking, start seeing things from new perspectives, capture new impressions, and push your own limits. A unique education for High Performance People by High Performance People.

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Sales Academy

– Stop selling, get the customer to buy. 

Increase growth by improving your sales – Increase your sales and reach new heights! In this training we provide you with the tools to increase sales and earn more money based on your company’s business.

We buy for emotional reasons and explain the purchase by rationalizing our behavior. Traditional sale trainings teach sales techniques and sales logic, we don’t – we speak behavior and psychology. We’d rather get someone to buy than to sell to them. This is a completely different process and doesn’t take its’ starting point from the seller’s perspective, but the buyer’s, this requires curiosity, insight, training and understanding. The training provides tools to improve these abilities and to develop your own resources to become a better communicator, influencer and finisher in business.