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We offer services within Strategy, CEO- & Leadership Coaching, Training & Education, and Lectures. Read more about the respective areas below.


Most companies in the world today are structured to work towards goals. Neuroscience however, shows that there are more effective ways to create results.

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Being a leader requires a variety of skills in business, behavior and brand. We have a unique competence in how you as a leader can utilize and free the potential of yourself and those you lead.

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Our lives are usually driven by habits. Good habits, good results, bad habits … Through our courses we inspire, teach and train you and your team to create good habits that allow you to do more with less effort.

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Stuck? Sometimes we need inspiration, get new perspectives, find new ideas or just get a mental break.

We believe in the power in new perspectives to create change for the better.

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The app that changes your life

Remente is a life management system, a digital coach that is constantly available and with you 24/7. It helps you to systematically work and change your habits to improve your life in the areas of life you prioritize to develop.

Remente helps you assess your current state and set goals to change your habits in order to reach your desired state. It motivates and encourages you and pushes you to complete your progress. You’ll have access to tools, courses, and goal completion follow-up and statistics that’ll help you find the motivation to get a better life – one step at a time.

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Tip! Swedish book: ”Hävstångseffekten – 10 steg till ett rikare liv”

Take control of your life

Life is an experience, namely your own. How you choose to interpret your life is absolutely crucial to the experience you get and thus how you look at your life. Sometimes it can be hard to know how to do or think about achieving positive change in our lives. ”Hävstångseffekten” (”The leverage effect”), a personal leadership book, gives you the keys. Available in Swedish.

  • Want a simpler and richer life?
  • Do you want to learn how to control your thoughts and feelings so that they do not control you?
  • Do you want to achieve your dreams?
  • Want to feel better, stress less and have more time with your family?
  • Want to simplify your life and get better balance?
  • Do you want to communicate better and learn the secret language?
  • Want a healthy body that gives you energy?
  • Do you want to work less and earn more?
  • All this you can achieve. It’s all about controlling your life, being in the driver’s seat.
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