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About Leverage

We’re a Swedish based consulting agency of business coaches with the goal of creating more effect with less effort. In short, helping you make good business that creates growth. We’ve spent over 10 years studying patterns for success in areas such as strategy, communication, sales, innovation, brands, behavior and leadership. We have the proven models and tools that create more effect with less effort.


Who are we?

Leverages business idea is to help businesses and individuals achieve their goals more easily.

Unleashing human and business potential.

More with less.

We believe in collaboration, partnering up with the best and the power in partnership is a huge lever (leverage). Below are some examples of partners we recommend and collaborate with. Either do you speak with us and we’ll forward it to you or you can contact them directly.

Remente, Executit, TEDx, Stora Blå

Our expertise

Business Development
Organizational Development
Personal Development

The team

Niklas Forser
Niklas ForserFounder
With 20 years of marketing experience, Niklas started leverage in 2006. As a Marketing Director at Carlsberg and Falcon, as well as Nordic Market Manager at Nestlé, he has lead some of Sweden’s largest brand companies to achieve great results. Niklas has a degree in Business Administration and has a studied Human Needs Psychology in deep, is a certified NLP practitioner. Niklas is also co-founder of the global app for personal development: Remente as well as a skilled and appreciated lecturer and author of the book ”The Leverage effect – 10 steps to a richer life”, a book in personal development. Niklas is a licensee for the highly appreciated TedX Gothenburg.

+46 706 372 257

Fredrika Rylén
Fredrika RylénPartner
Fredrika has worked with a number of leading brands nationally and internationally. Product Manager at L’Oréal, Senior Product Manager for Elizabeth Arden in Australia and Category Marketing Manager for Libresse. Master of Business Administration in Sweden and Australia, with focus on Marketing, Consumer Behavior & Sociology. Certified Powerthinking NLP Master.
For the past 10 years, Fredrika has worked as a researcher and strategic planner and has been responsible for the digital presence and content marketing for a variety of brands in a wide range of industries.

+46 709 994 366

Björn Jutendahl
Björn JutendahlBrand strategist
One of Sweden’s most experienced marketers, rewarded with a wide range of prizes and awards, both nationally and internationally. Responsible for the Nordics as Marketing Manager at Volvo Cars, involved in the transformation of Volvo from ”a car you need” to ”a car you want”. CEO since 2007, for a media consultancy and for an advertising agency. Business Administration degree at Linköping University.
Joel Hegardt
Joel HegardtGrowth & Sales Expert
Joel has a long experience as a leader in growth companies, such as Academedia, Plusgymnasiet, Ahrens Rapid Growth, Vittra, Proffice, Metro, Hogia, Akelius and IKEA. Most recently as CEO of Plusgymnasiet AB, which grew 84% year-on-year for six consecutive years between 2008 and 2014 with good profitability. Sweden’s second fastest growing company in 2012 and 2013. He currently holds board assignments in six different companies. Joel is also the founder & CEO of Fast Growing Companies. Has a law degree from the School of Economics at the University of Gothenburg and a degree in purchase economics from IHM Business School.

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